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ISS Finals @Alicante-Spain (Jan 28th)


  • March 20th: Photo Gallery - ISS Finals in Alicante-Spain (Jan 28th)
  • Febrary 5: Winners list already published (see below)!!! Also, the full video of the event is located here:
  • January 26: You can find a map bellow with the relevant locations for the event (Visit Location&Venue).
  • January 26: Don't forget to keep in touch with us with using our Instagram and Twitter account! Hashtag for Instagram #zeroroboticsesp
  • January 26: Meeting point for Sunday at 18h: (MacDonals's restaurant at Explanada de España street, 8, Alicante). The plan is to go for a walk through the center of Alicante. No pub finally, but a bunch of bars, ice-cream and chocolate shops and a beautiful walk next to the port will be waiting for us. Can't wait to meet you!
  • January 24: YouTube link for the Alicante event:
  • January 8: We have an official Twitter account. Please, visit us to keep in touch:
  • December 30: An email regarding the registration procedure has been sent to the finalists.
  • Friday 21: URGENT! Zero Robotics Finals event date is confirmed to be on  January 28 (Monday)
  • January 14: URGENT! The Tournament Finals @Alicante_Spain has changed date. 14 or 25 January are been taking into consideration.

And the winners are ...!!!

  1. Alliance "DarkTeamofLSAStuy-NaughtSpaghettiCode" : "The Dark Team of LSA" ("IIS Avogadro - Liceo Scientifico", Vercelli, Italy), "Stuy-Naught" ("Stuyvesant High School", New York, USA), "Spaghetti Code" ("Cedarburg High School", Cedarburg, USA).
  2. Alliance "Hit or Miss": "Proof Robotics" ("Proof School", San Francisco, USA), "Crab Nebula" (Liceo Cecioni, Livorno, Italy), "Rock Rovers" ("Council Rock High School South", Holland, USA).

Virtual finalists:

  1. Alliance "NoSleepGang" : "Valak" ("Colegiul National Octavian Goga Sibiu", Sibiu, Romania), "SpaceXD" ("Parramatta High School", Parramatta, Romania), "Scholar Spacemen" ("Sydney Boys High School", Sydney, Australia).
  2. Alliances "A.S.P." + "Gucci Coders Party": "SunEaters" ("International Computer High School of Bucharest Bucharest", Romania), "Space Phoenix"("International" Academy", Bloomfield Hills, USA), "TIMTRON" ("Grigore Moisil Theoretical Highschool", Timisoara, Romania), "House of Coders" ("Liceo Scientifico Francesco Vercelli", Asti, Italy), "Gucci Ganghis Khan" ("Winston Churchill High School", Potomac, USA), "LSA Tea Party" ("IIS Avogadro - Liceo Scientifico", Vercelli, Italy).

Video-streaming of the event and final video!

Please, visit the following link to follow the event on YouTube:

Location & venue

Zero Robotics ISS finals will take place at the campus of the University of Alicante at San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante)

Where? 9 Km from the airport, 3 Km from the city center (train stop 200m from the University, tram stops next to the university). Please see Transportation below.

(PDF format)

Registration info

Please check your email.


Please refer to "Zero Robotics" or "Robotics Conference" when booking to have access to these (or similar) prices. These are university residences which are located next to the Campus.

Final agenda


Alicante, or Alacant, both the Spanish and Valencian being official names, is a city and port in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the capital of the province of Alicante and of the Alacantí region, in the south of the Valencian Community. It is also a historic Mediterranean port. The population of the city of Alicante was 330,525, estimated as of 2016, ranking as the second-largest Valencian city. Including nearby municipalities, the Alicante conurbation had 452,462 residents. The population of the metropolitan area (including Elche (Elx) and satellite towns) was 757,085 as of 2014 estimates, ranking as the eighth-largest metropolitan area of Spain.


  • Click here to see how to get the the University of Alicante from your location!
  • Alicante's airport is one of the busiest in Spain, with flights from 119 different destinations. Alternatively, you could also fly to Valencia (183Km), taking a direct train from there to Alicante (90 min).
  • Alicante's train station is located in the city center. You have AVE (high-speed rail) from Madrid, EUROMED from Barcelona and Valencia).
  • Alicante offers a wide network of bus lines, connecting the different points of the city. The bus line that connects the city with the University is Line 24, with stops at the train station, coach station and the Central Market Area.
  • From the train station, a taxi can be taken (15 min), Tram (Line 2), or a bus (Line 24).

Local Organizing Committee

  • Antonio Martínez-Álvarez (Associate Professor, Univesity of Alicante)
  • Sergio Cuenca-Asensi (Associate Professor, University of Alicante)
  • Francisco Pujol López (Associate Professor, University of Alicante)
  • Jose Luis Sánchez-Romero (Associate Professor, University of Alicante)
  • Jorge Azorín López (Associate Professor, University of Alicante)
  • Antonio Jimeno Morenilla (Full Professor, University of Alicante)
  • Javier Navarrete Sánchez (University of Alicante)
  • Alejandro Serrano-Cases (PhD-Student, University of Alicante)


Antonio Martínez-Álvarez (Spanish coordinator for Zero Robotics)

Organized by

University of Alicante

Sponsored by